Not yet tried it immediately on a new bite but have used on an old one that was still itchy. The Bite Away is very simple and easy to use even in an awkward place (this was between my fingers of my right hand so I had to use it with my left even though I’m right handed).

It worked better than creams usually do and so lovely without any mess.

Janet, Southampton

“For my first few years in Thailand I was a daily feast for the mosquitoes and none of the creams or sprays seemed to help.

When I bought the BiteAway I was dubious as to how effective it would be, but we now spend most of the time outdoors and the BiteAway is always with us – it slips nicely into the pocket or handbag. It certainly relieves the itching and swelling what a great investment that turned out to be!”

Worldwide Traveller

“bite away eliminates the itching completely and I don’t have to scratch myself silly! “

Amazon Customer

“Really made a huge difference to the discomfort I have suffered for years with bites. Brilliant, amazing, fantastic! Worth every penny.”

Amazon Customer

“I have tried the mini electric shock, the sting relief spray, pen and cream but this is miles better if you suffer badly as I normally do.”

Amazon Customer

“Immediate relief from the maddening itch. The only minus point was that everyone wanted to use it!! Would recommend. Clever tool. Won’t go abroad without it.”

Amazon Customer